Rediscovering ‘Daughter of Dawn’

Is Daughter of Dawn an Indigenous film? Questions of authenticity and cultural representation often arise in Native American/Indigenous Cinema. Going back to Barry Barclay's inception of the Fourth Cinema as Indigenous Cinema (in Barclay's words, "with a capital 'I'"), Daughter of Dawn can be added to the category of Indigenous Cinema despite being made by … Continue reading Rediscovering ‘Daughter of Dawn’

Article: Surviving the Apocalypse, Part 2: ‘The Dead Can’t Dance’

Rodrick Pocowatchit’s The Dead Can’t Dance (2010) is a comedy/zombie film about a Comanche family that must band together and fight for survival as the world’s non-Native population inexplicably turns into flesh-eating zombies. The film is the first in the now-exhausted zombie genre to feature main characters that are Native American. Similar to Jeff Barnaby’s … Continue reading Article: Surviving the Apocalypse, Part 2: ‘The Dead Can’t Dance’

Spiritual Flight in ‘Ancestor Eyes’

Ancestor Eyes, a 2008 short film by Kalani Queypo, is currently streaming on, a free streaming site that features short and feature-length works by Native American filmmakers. What is most notable about the 19-minute short, starring Tantoo Cardinal and Rulan Tangen, is its exploration of the journey one of its main characters takes on … Continue reading Spiritual Flight in ‘Ancestor Eyes’