An Extra in the Indie-Film Trenches of ‘Red Hand’


Waiting for filming to start on the set of Red Hand


I recently had the pleasure of participating as an extra in Rod Pocowatchit’s new feature-length movie Red Hand, filmed this September and October in Wichita, KS.

Read the director’s article about the dilemmas faced by indie filmmakers. In Pocowatchit’s own words, the film is about “a man with the power to heal who time-travels from a dystopian future to save the Native American race.”

Shooting took place in a warehouse with a small crew and about two dozen extras. During the scene I participated in, dozens of Red Hand followers rally around a character (Randall Aviks, who also appeared in The Dead Can’t Dance) who proclaims that a man has traveled from the future to save Indigenous people.


Credit: The Wichita Eagle


In an increasingly homogenized media world, grass-roots independent filmmaking still exists and it’s something that is still worth supporting!

According to Pocowatchit, the film will be released in 2017.

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