You Don’t Have a Name

Stills from Eloge de l’amour (Dir. Jean Luc Godard, 2002).

1. History2. Americans Have No Real past5. So They Buy the Past of Others6. Especially Those Who Resist

19. Silence

1. History

7. Our Company Has Acquired the Rights to Their Story8. We Have Hired a Top American Writer

19. Silence

10. You Say American Writer11. What Americans Do You Mean12. South America14. No I said the united states of north america

13. But Brazils states are united too

16. Which united states do you mean17. an inhabitant of your united states18. Whats he called

19. Silence

1. History

20. See you dont have a name22. poor you with no history you have to seek it elsewhere

19. Silence

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